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Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc. Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.


About our Association

In   1968 four friends, who loved broken coloured (skewbald and piebald)   horses and ponies, recognized that they were not always as well  accepted  in the horse show world as were solid coloured horses. They  decided to  see if anyone else felt the same and therefore may be  interested in  starting a registry for these horses.

They   placed an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald, asking for  anyone  interested in forming a charter to the American Pinto Society,  to  contact them. In no time there were many interested parties which  led to  the formation of the Australian Pinto Horse Association (APthA)  in  1974. The breed and colour guidelines (including exemptions of  certain  breeds), and Standard of Excellence was developed from the  American  Pinto Society rules. There were no height restrictions, so  that ponies  and horses were eligible for registration.

Classification   days were held where horses were inspected for both colour and   conformation. Horses were required to meet the Standard of Excellence  in  regard to conformation together with minimum colour requirements.   Classification was conducted by accredited classifiers, using a point   system. Stallions required the highest point score followed by mares,   with geldings not being breeding stock, requiring a lesser point score   in order to pass registration. If a horse failed to meet minimum colour   or minimum point scorerequirements it was not registered. Out breeding   to other established riding type breeds was encouraged to further   improve on the quality of duly classified Pinto stock.

Branches   were formed in most other states, all under APthA rules. With such   interest and so many people involved, soon APthA became Pintos   Australia, with the aim of having one central registry with an office   and paid registrar.  This office was located in Adelaide and the cost  to  each stateof running a national body, together with sending  delegates  to regular meetingsbecame costly for state branches. Due to  the  increasing costs the states decided to disbandPintos Australia so  that  each state reconstituted as a state association, agreeing that all   former member states would maintain similar rules and exchange   association information and newsletters.

In   NSW the original Standard of Excellence and exemptions of certain   breeds was adhered to. Further rules were established to ensure the   continued improvement in the standard of registered Pinto stock.    Members were notified well in advance that Pinto’s born after 1st  August  1982 must be by a stallion registered with an approved society.  Then by  1st August 1987 both parents must be registered with an  approved  society. All stallions also required a veterinary certificate  stating  that they were free from certain hereditary defects, all horses  were  still classified to ensure they met the required standard.

NSW   decided in 1998 after over 20 years of classifications and 10 years of   both parents being registered with a recognised breed association that   classification of Pintoswould cease. Stallions always required a   veterinary certificate of soundness which is still required currently.   Pintos can now be registered with proof of breeding and ownership   together with photos, with a proviso that border line colour   horses/ponies and hardship mares may still be inspected for   registration, if required.

Due   to the requirements put in placeover the many years since inception  the  quality of the registered Pinto continues to improve. The Pinto  Horse  Association of NSW Inc. has worked to establish a Pinto breed not  just a  pinto colour registry by maintaining breed type requirements  with a  Standard of Excellence.