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Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc. Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

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Gladiator Horse Floats **Gold Sponsor**

Gladiator Horse Floats has been in business for the past 20 years in steel manufacturing and fabrication. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality horse floats, horse float repairs, customised horse floats and most importantly value for your money and service beyond your expectations.

Gladiator Horse Floats can manufacture horse floats to any specifications or modifications. Our standard Gladiator horse floats are built to high standard, which means, the tack box, rug racks and full padding are standard features in all our horse floats. There are many other additional features of our Gladiator horse floats that have not been available in the past on any other horse floats. We bring new ideas, new styles and a new energy into the horse float industry like no other.

Gladiator Horse Floats offers you the optional 'extras'. We provide you with 'extra' options to customise your horse float in any way you require. Check out our horse floats 'extra options' that we have on offer! Gladiator Horse Floats are built to last. When you purchase a horse float from Gladiator Horse Floats, you will feel comfortable to know that you received quality and value for your hard earned money! 


JB Showhorses **Gold sponsor**

 John Walker & Brian Hammond of JB Show Horses, Proud sponsors of our 2019 Led & Ridden Challenge. This is the first year we are holding such a Challenge which will be assessed on the Horse and Rider Presentation, The ability, correctness and attitude of the horse and rider throughout both the Led and Ridden Sections. This will be judged by 3 judges and the highest point score will be the overall winner.

John has been a long-time devoted member to the NSW Pinto Horse Association. "We have shown many different types of horses under the banner of JB Show Horses, including Riding Ponies, Derivatives, Purebred Arab, Palominos, Buckskins, Pintos, Hacks and Galloways. But Pinto’s have a special place in our heart, we have had the pleasure in showing multiple Royal Champions both in hand and under saddle. The first ever ridden AHSA Triple Crown winner was a very successful Pinto Gelding (Mustang Lodge Santa Fe) ridden by myself. He was also supreme led gelding and supreme ridden gelding at the NSW Pinto State Title on numerous occasions, as well as Best Led Gelding at Sydney Royal on more than one occasion. We have also been fortunate to have won Supreme Ridden at the NSW State Titles multiple times on different horses, and have always enjoyed and looked forward to this wonderful show."

JB Show Horses are proud to be the sponsor of the inaugural Led and Ridden Challenge at the 2019 NSW Pinto National Championships and look forward to yet another wonderful experience at this show.


Equilibrium Australia

 Equilibrium Australia is a company that was founded on and continues to be driven by passion. It’s also driven by the pursuit to better ourselves, our products and the lives of horses all around the globe. Here at Equilibrium, we don’t see ourselves as just being really good at making supplements, we also take great pride in the way in which we go about helping horse owners understand an innumerable range of factors that contribute to having happy, healthy horses. We’ve received thousands of emails from ecstatic owners over the years who’ve gone on to see their horses (and sometimes themselves) achieve things they thought weren’t possible.

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Silverleaf Equestrian **Silver Sponsor**


Silverleaf Equestrian, owned by Samantha Rice is based in the Hunter Valley, Australia. Samantha has been riding since she was nine years old, finding her love for horses at the local riding school. Over the last twenty years Samantha has developed a strong passion for horses moving from riding schools to Pony Club and in her adult years focusing on Dressage.

Silverleaf Equestrian was launched in 2016 shortly after the birth of her daughter Audrey. Samantha spent the first couple of years teaching across the Hunter Valley sharing her passion for horses with many young riders.

 In 2018 Samantha took the brand in a different direction…custom designing products for the fashion forward rider and horse. Sourcing textiles and materials from all over the world, all products are designed with close attention to style and function bringing the customer high quality unique products. Releasing the first line of products December 2018 Silverleaf is set to evolve more and more in the future.

During her down time you can find Samantha with her horses, spending time with her dog Bear, attempting to wrangle her high energy daughter Audrey, travelling and drinking lots and lots of coffee.

Join the Silverleaf journey…lots of new exciting things to come in the future.


Kohnke's Own **Silver/Gold Sponsor**


Over the last 30 years, Dr John Kohnke has become the most well known Australian veterinarian as an adviser on the nutrition and practical health care of horses. He provides a nutritional consultancy service to many trainers and studs, as well as owners and riders of equestrian horses.

He has written and edited two major books and numerous book chapters on equine nutrition, which have become well recognised hand books for horse training, breeders, owners and veterinarians throughout the world. He has written over 2000 articles on horse feeding and health care, presented over 1800 seminars and lectured on horse nutrition to students of horse care courses.

His interest in equine nutrition and feeds has provided him with specialist knowledge in formulating dietary supplements to meet the specific needs of all types of horses.

He has now formulated an innovative range of feed supplements and horse care products, distinguished by the Kohnke’s Own brand name.

The Kohnke’s Own range of supplements are based on scientific formulations that will help ensure that the mineral, trace-mineral and vitamin content of your horse’s diet will not be a limiting factor to its health of performance.

The nutritional range is centred around six separate cold-pressed supplement pellets, or Supplets®, an innovative, high quality nutrient dense small food pellet developed especially for the Kohnke’s Own range of supplements. Each Supplet type contains specific classes of nutrients to ensure optimum stability, which are blended in different proportions relative to the nutrient needs of growing, breeding, exercising and resting horses. Separate supplements of Vitamin E, iron and salts are also available to correct specific inadequacies in the diets of horses, where necessary. 


iRide Equestrian **Silver Sponsor**


Natalie, founder of iRide Equestrian Apparel, a rider herself, often found that she was left feeling overheated and uncomfortable while riding due to poor quality, non-breathable, itchy fabrics. Left feeling unsatisfied with what was currently available on the market, she decided to turn her vision into a reality.

From that, iRide Equestrian Apparel was created to fill that void and to provide riders with garments that are not only comfortable but also flattering – embracing style and performance – together.

iRide Equestrian Apparel prides itself on sourcing top quality, fashionable, equestrian activewear with innovative, technology-based sports and performance fabrics. Products that offer built-in UV protection, Polyester Dry-Fit technology that also consist of natural fibre blends which keep our iRider’s cool!

At iRide Equestrian Apparel, our mission is to help you perform your best while looking great. Our prices will remain affordable without cutting on quality. We are a highly passionate brand and are big believers in supporting our iRider’s needs. We will continue to bring you the latest ‘on-trend’ items which will keep you on top of your game.

Feel free to send us an email or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We’re always looking to collaborate and work together with new/existing brands to grow and improve the Australian Equestrian Fashion Market.

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Flash Pony **Silver Sponsor**

 Flash Pony - beautiful bespoke floral show garlands & boutique Equine photography. 



Oralx Australia


Oralx Australia is a leader in vitamin and mineral paste for horses. Oralx products have been used regularly in Australia for over 15 years by professional trainers, pleasure riders, hobby trainers and Olympic hopefuls.

Our pastes are very palatable and the horses love them, which is especially important in the case of young or fractious animals.

Oralx products are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and are imported straight from our headquarters in the United States.

We have distributors across Australia who market and sell our products to all saddle shops, produce stores, vets, equestrian centres and pet shops.


Goodwoods Saddlery **Silver/Gold Sponsor**


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Condell Park Produce


Condell Park Produce has been in the Reedy family for over 50 years. Darren and Sarah took over the business when Darren’s parents Shirley and John retired in 2000 after 35 years of dedication.

Since taking over the pair has been a dynamic duo, bringing their passion for the industry to life. They have just completed renovations which have been a huge dream of Darren and Sarah’s and they have implemented many new concepts in the store.



I started Lynbrae Equine a couple years ago when I was just 16 and at that time I was retailing a quite a few brands, but didn’t have any products selling under the ‘Lynbrae’ name. After moving to the lovely little place where I live now I had a choice to make regarding the future of Lynbrae Equine and if I were to continue on with it. It wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to be going in and In the end, I decided to completely relaunch and rebrand the Lynbrae name. This is where Lynbrae Show Range comes in!! When planning the relaunch I decided everything being sold would be sold under the Lynbrae brand and to wholesale that. The Lynbrae Plaiting Wax was our first ever product which we spent the winter of 2017 developing. Every single tube of wax is still made by me! Since the launch of that product, we have grown to the business we are today and sell to saddlery stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and soon to be America and Europe.  


Horseland Narellan

 Narellan Horseland has a great range of western/ country clothing and an extensive range of boots. You will always find something you need at Narellan Horseland as they carry a vast variety of products to cater for all of the equestrian disciplines. The staff will ensure they know you by name before too long as they love to interact with their customers and hear the wins in the arena! They have a great passion to sponsor and support local events that take place out at the Camden Bi-centennial park, this includes interschool competitions, campdrafting and breed shows. 

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Equestrian Collective


It’s no secret that horse girls are strong and confident — we don’t need a fancy outfit to communicate this, but the right clothing can help boost our spirits! 

We’re all about bringing you equestrian wardrobe staples, engineered with high performance fabrics. Our job is to help you work towards your riding goals while bringing out your inner show pony!  

We want E — C to have a place in your best rides, your weekend adventures and your favourite memories. We can’t wait to see you out there!  


Equine Image

 Here at Equine Image, we endeavour to create the perfect image for you and your horse in the show ring.

We have over 20 years experience of making and repairing all types of false tails, as well as mane extensions, false plaits and forelocks.

All products in our range are Australian made, using high quality horse hair.

False tails and mane pieces can be to made to order - simply provide a hair sample or picture of your horse's mane or tail! Or alternatively, you can buy off the rack from our pre-made and ready-to-go stock, as seen here on our page.

News: Soon, we will be providing care packs for our false tails. Also, keep an eye out for show preparation and horse care items!

We currently make false tails in the natural loop range, but will soon be expanding our styles to suit individual horses requirements.

Post photos showing our products in action! Use the hashtag #EquineImage or post to our Facebook page!

As we grow, so will our product range. If you have any suggestions, or require a more personalised or custom product that we stock, please let us know as we will only be to happy to help.