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Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.

Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc. Welcome to The Pinto Horse Association of NSW Inc.


At the request of some of our members we have reintroduced an Annual point score competition that

will run between 1st September 2018 and 30 August 2019. All horses must be registered/current foal

recorded and their owners must be financial members.

Entry forms and performance sheets are available to download below.

The categories are as follows

High Point Junior Horse at halter

High Point Stallion

High Point Mare

High Point Gelding

High point Youth

Each category will have two sections city and country. 

Definition of city – horses stabled within 150km of Sydney CBD. 

Country horses stabled further than 150km from Sydney CBD. 

If there are not at least three horses entered in each category, the awards MAY BE amalgamated, e.g. High Point Male City or High Point Male NSW.

Entry Fee $20 per category, entry form must be completed, payment may be made by direct deposit

using your name and Point score as reference or cheque/money order if mailed. Performance sheets

must be signed by the judge, show secretary, committee member/liaison Officer (must be in attendance

on the day). Points must be lodged with the point score officer within 30 days of the event either by

email highpointpintonsw@gmail.com or post to PO Box 918, PARRAMATTA NSW 2124

Points may be gained at all Agricultural shows, breed shows, regional shows,

Other open competitions such as camp draft, team penning/sorting, show jumping, dressage,

equitation also count.

Remember you must provide all details of the completion, date, venue a contact name phone

number /email address for the organisers so that your points can be verified. If it is found that you

have falsified any submission you will be expelled from the competition and your entry fee forfeited.

Breed classes other than Pinto DO NOT count. All open company classes e.g. Led Open pony mare of

Open pony hack DO count.

Youth Points may only be obtained in handler or rider classes. Any class where the horse is judged e.g.

Child’s Hack DO NOT count.


1st 4 points

2nd 3 points

3rd 2 points

4th 1 point

Champion (where each sex is judged) 3 points

Reserve Champion (where each sex is judged) 2 points

Champion Exhibit 4 points

Supreme Exhibit 4 points

Attendance 1 point

Double points apply for Open classes where there are four or more entries in the class

Additional point score sheets maybe downloaded from our website or contact the Point

score officer via email highpointpintonsw@gmail.com



Entry Form (pdf)


performance sheet (pdf)